Information For Teams

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Teams and ASNs in the MENA region are required to purchase new cars through the Championship Promoter.

Chassis and engines will be sold in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the FIA.

The price of the car and chassis delivered to Dubai is AED 226,000 which includes freight and customs duty paid.
Teams MUST order and pay the initial deposit for their cars no later than 15 th April 2016 and pay the balance by 15th August 2016.

Car order forms are available on the Championship website and from the Championship Promoter on request.

At their sole discretion, Teams may purchase cars on behalf of Drivers or purchase cars on behalf of the Team and lease seat time to the Driver.

In establishing that the costs for competing in the series does not exceed FIA guidelines, the promoter has made various assumptions regarding the cost of supporting drivers at events based upon charges made locally in the UAE.

Teams are permitted to charge drivers for their services at rates agreed between themselves and the drivers. Teams are however reminded that the series is a cost capped entry level series and that FIA guidelines should be respected when preparing their support prices.

The price for registering an entry for the series is AED 15,000 (Euro approx. 3,860)
The price for a seasons race entry is AED 47,500 (Euro approx. 12,100)
The price for a single event entry is AED 15,000 (Euro approx. 3,750)


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Drivers wishing to enter the Series must do so through a recognised team. Drivers that do not have an existing relationship with a team and who wish to participate in the series will be provided with contact details of recognised teams that are capable of providing the necessary technical and race support.

Teams will contract directly with drivers for support services. Drivers may purchase cars through their nominated Team or lease cars from their Team if the Team makes such a facility available.

Completed Driver entry forms and payment of entry fees for the season must be received by the promoter no later than 1st September 2016. Late entries will be charged a premium.

Drivers are reminded that the promotors will arrange a series of seminars (which will cover driver development topics) at events and that their attendance is compulsory.

Drivers that are in school MUST provide a letter from their school principal stating that they have no objection to the driver competing in the series and being absent from lessons on race and test days.

Entry forms will be made available on the official web site no later than 1st January 2016.