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AUH Motorsports, as promoter for the Automobile Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates, is pleased to announce the establishment of a new Formula 4 race championship in the UAE.


The Formula 4 UAE Championship licenced by the
FIA and Powered by Abarth will be open to all drivers
aged 15 and over from the FIA MENA region and in the
2016/2017 season will be based in the UAE.

The Formula 4 UAE Championship which is licensed by
the FIA will be open in October 2016 and will be run in
accordance with the FIA guidelines for the establishment
of Formula 4 race events.

In 2014, the FIA Single seat commission announced
their intention to introduce a new category of single seat
racing in order to bridge the gap between karting and
Formula 3.

“Young drivers from each country will be given the
opportunity to show off their talent from the beginning
of their racing careers in a category that meets the
FIA criteria”.


The key objective of the FIA in developing
Championships which are established by the local
ASN’s and their partners are;

Keeping costs at an affordable level
Maintaining the highest standards of Safety

The Formula 4 UAE Championship has been
established with this objective in mind and it adheres
to the guidelines produced by the FIA which includes;

• Common technical regulations.
• Common Sporting regulations.
• Common organisational standards.
• Common communications standards.



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Teams competing in the Championship, other than those already competing in an FIA approved series outside of the FIA MENA region, will purchase cars through the Championship promoter.

ASNs from the FIA MENA region may form a team to represent their National association and purchase cars through the Series promoter.
ASN teams are free to utilise technical support from teams that are based outside their country.

Teams from outside of the FIA Mena region that own eligible cars are invited to enter cars and Drivers into the Championship.

Eligible Drivers from 15 years of age will be offered the opportunity to compete in the Championship by the Teams and will contract directly with the Teams.




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Drivers   Teams
The Formula 4 UAE Championship is open

to drivers over 15 years of age, holding a
National race license or higher issued by one
of the FIA MENA region ASNs.

All drivers holding MENA region licences are
eligible to score points in the Championship.
Rookie drivers who have not previously raced
in cars will additionally be eligible for the
Rookie Championship.

Drivers aged over 15 years of age, and
holding a National license from outside of
the MENA region, are invited to participate
in the race events but will be ineligible to
score Championship points. Such drivers are
eligible for podium trophies.

All non-UAE drivers must provide start
permission letters from the ASN which has
issued their race license.

All Teams with entrants licences are permitted
to enter drivers in the Championship and
will be awarded points for their two highest
placed drivers in each race which will count
towards the Team Trophy that will be awarded
at the end of the season.
The ASNs with drivers competing under their
license, will be awarded points for their two
highest placed drivers in each race which will
count towards the Nations Cup Trophy that will
be awarded at the end of the season.




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Podiums After Each Race

Podium Trophies will be awarded to the winner, second place, third place, overall Rookie driver in first, second and third.

Race Weekend Awards

Spirit of the Championship Award will be presented to the person attending the event in an official capacity (driver, team member, marshal etc.) that in the opinion of the organisers embodies the spirit of the event.

End Of Season Awards

Formula 4 UAE Champion, 2nd place and 3rd place
Formula 4 UAE Rookie of the year, 2nd place and 3rd place
Formula 4 UAE Team of the Year (Open to all teams irrespective of nationality)
Formula 4 UAE Nations Cup Trophy awarded to the ASN whose nominated two highest placed drivers in each race have scored the most number of points.

Superlicense Points

Subject to their final positions in the Championship, drivers will be awarded Superlicence points in accordance with FIA Regulations.