The fifth season of the FIA Formula 4 UAE Championship powered by Abarth welcomes a revamped calendar for 2021 with five back-to-back events run over five weeks instead of the traditional two-month period.

Due to the UAE’s current movement regulations between the Dubai and Abu Dhabi emirates because of the Covid-19 pandemic, F4UAE organisers have announced the final round that was scheduled for early March will now moved earlier to late January, making the original penultimate round on February 13, 2021 the new finale.

The calendar change - made in consultation with teams, sponsors, circuits and the governing body of motorsport in the UAE (the Emirates Motorsports Organization) - is the most workable option currently available to run a complete 20-race championship in 2021 between both the Dubai Autodrome and Yas Marina Circuit.

“We’ve been working very closely all year with our partners and local government authorities to ensure we can provide the best F4UAE Championship possible within the various travel limitations due to the pandemic,” said category technical director and promoter, Craig Thompson.

“Not only have we needed to monitor international borders and restrictions - because most of our drivers come from overseas - but also within the UAE since there have been strong movement rules in place to keep the country safe. In line with this, and with the support of our teams, we have revised the calendar so that we can have all of our events in an order that allows us better movement between our two circuits. Plus, the new calendar also gets drivers back to their home countries with plenty of time before racing in Europe commences in case they face changing quarantine restrictions on their journey home.

“While it’s usual for us to hold back-to-back rounds, we’ve never run five in a row but we’re a well-established championship. Along with our core teams and circuits we run seamlessly together. So while it will be a lot of work, we are looking forward to giving our teams and drivers a full championship next month that will put them in good stead for their future steps in motorsport,” concluded Thompson.

The F4UAE championship – which has had more than 60 drivers from 30 countries compete since the category started in 2016 – will begin for points in earnest as a support to the famed 24 Hours of Dubai at the Dubai Autodrome in January. 

2021 F4UAE Championship calendar (revised):
Round 1: 13-15 January 2021, Dubai Autodrome
Round 2: 21-23 January 2021, Yas Marina Circuit
Round 3: 28-30 January 2021, Dubai Autodrome
Round 4: 4-6 February 2021, Yas Marina Circuit
Round 5: 11-13 February 2021, Dubai Autodrome